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Welcome to our home. A place that speaks of us, a place to become great




Mom, dad, four children, a son-in-law and 6 little nephews. Welcome to our family. Being in your home every day requires a lot of responsibility in choices and decisions but allows you to experience every satisfaction and emotion in person.

La Torricella is our home, where father Diego was born, he has seventy years of history to share: the life of the grandparents who in the 1940s moved to Torricella as sharecroppers;

the properties that father Diego starts buying at the age of 18, the beginning of the winemaker's activity; the children and the son-in-law who, as a result of their studies, found themselves in the company with new ideas, hopes and wishes to be realized together


FRANCESCO CELIA “Restaurant responsible”
ROSANNA MOSSO “Super grandma”
DIEGO PRESSENDA “Head of the family”